By Ann Bliss

Here is a little background about my essay.

When I wrote Visual Brain Evolution, I was in the throws of self-healing my blindness. I was so tuned into the Divine wisdom that was surrounding me that I would go to any length to receive all energies and messages from above. During the process of rebuilding my visual cortex, my body was divinely possessed. It would be tossed around so that I would see the sunlight streaming in through the windows and the overhead lights in the stores. I was obsessed with vision recovery as I came to call my evolution.

However, my reality was shaken when I had an “aha” moment. I was not seeing here in the third dimension but in a higher realm! The realm where all possibilities are manifested and embraced.

My job now is to somehow bring this higher reality down to my physical body. Stay tuned . . .

Infinite Hope: A Self-Healing Guide Inspired by My Journey through Blindness into Inner Vision” was a result of these powerful forces.

I am always available to help others on their journey. I can be reached at for questions or comments or to obtain a word doc version of my essay.

Peace to all!