by Jordan Sickon

After receiving endless recommendations and being pelted by relentless hype, I decided to pick up the Night Circus by Eric Morgenstern. I figured October was a better time than never, with its falling leaves and autumnal atmosphere.

the night circus

To say the book surprised me is an understatement. This whimsical tale follows the story of two characters chosen to compete against each other in a life-long competition. The problem is, they have minimal information of what they are competing for or why they were chosen.

The novel’s formatting involved multiple points of view and was a bit confusing at the beginning. I felt myself detaching and desperately trying to reattach to the characters whenever a new chapter started. However, the story eventually became clearer as the separate plots began to develop. Though I fell in love with the author’s writing style and detailed descriptions, some parts ran too slow for my taste. I would find myself skimming over paragraphs at a time, looking for something more fast-paced.

The beautiful narration by Jim Dale allowed me to overlook all the flaws I noted. His narration style and voice are perfect for an October read. He is popular for his narrations of the Harry Potter series and he has won multiple awards for his audiobook recordings.

I enjoyed this book to an extent; I just believe it was overhyped. Though most of my comments were negative, the story was well developed and the characters were very intricate. I also was a huge fan of the unique plot and slow burning romance. I recommend it to anyone looking for an October read, because it certainly was the fix I needed!