Exception, Vol. 1 Cover


This audiobook was recorded in the studios of the Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Braille and Talking Book Library, under the guidance of reader advisor Betsie Bush. These recordings were read by Savannah Smith, Zach Reilly, and Katie Grimes, and were edited by Michigan State University students.

All recordings and their content are under the ownership of Exceptions Journal, copyright 2015.


Letter from the Editor, by Craig Pearson


The Lay of the Black Knight, by Joy Mistovich


A Reflective Narrative


Inside a Kaleidoscope of Sound, by Maribel Steel


Interview with Maribel Steel, by Craig Pearson


One, by Casey Gomme


Tears of Joy and Pain, by Ayanna Dickerson


Visual Disability and the Muse, by Jeff Moyer


Interview with Jeff Moyer, by Craig Pearson


Life Is a Journey, by Charli Saltzman


Test Run, by Kristen Witucki


“Ways of Seeing” Contest Winners


Seeing, by Sarah Stanners


What Color Means to Me, by Kayla Weathers


Contested Colors, by Cammie Finch


“See the World Differently” Event


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