By Kaitlyn Fay

I was raised a “navy brat”
on the shores of the Outer Banks.
Seagulls became friends.
The waves taught me
a language only we know.
Whispers carried by the wind
over dune swells and wave crests.

Like the grains of a cracked hour glass,
our time was cut short
by a hurricane my youth
was too naïve to know.
A divorce, opposing winds,
I was blown north.

She is now my ex-lover.
We tried a long distance relationship.
That never works.

We’ve both had others
since then.
I have never found someone else
who speaks our language.
Toes dipped in great lakes
feel frosty, unwelcoming.
Rivers do not have her vastness.
These small tremors
are nothing when compared
to her consuming waters.
The expanse of which
I am now completely aware.

Sometimes I go see her.
It’s like I never left.
Her breezes caress me
like hands never could.
Her salty perfume
fills my lungs like home.
Her tides pull me in,
I hastily surrender.

First love.
Always love.

I grew up
on the shores of the OBX
It will never be understood
how I could love a woman
so deeply.

The Creator’s Perspective

Kaitlyn Fay

Kaitlyn is graduating this May with a Bachelor’s in English along with an Economics minor. She hopes to some day inspire many with the written word.

How did creating poetry for this accessible exhibit change your artistic process or perspective?
Creating poetry for the accessible exhibit completely opened up a world to which I was previously unaware. It has led me to consider different mediums for my work so that I can include everyone in my artistic endeavors.

If you attended the event, how did it feel watching guests engage with your poetry and art?
I was surprised at how many people showed up at the event. It was incredible to be able to watch someone who is blind be able to experience my work through the different mediums there. It was something I will never forget.

The Love of a Woman Art

"The Love of a Woman" by Hannah Connell

Hannah Connell
The Love of a Woman
Oil paint on canvas with threading


"The Love of a Woman" by Jenna Range The Love of a Woman_Baum_Range 2

Jenna Range
The Love of a Woman
Printed photos, foam core, wood, beads, gel medium, acrylic paint, and sand


Photos courtesy of Rachel Baumgardner.