By Robert Young, Inspired by the song “Time” by Pink Floyd

Oh how I remembered you, like
an old house, rickety and
torn. The shutters hung by
threaded screws, stripped

and amazed. It’s been such
a long time since the leaves
of fluttering birds drifted across
the fading threshold. Inside,

the lights burn ever, like so
many saxophones crying out
their lunacy. A fireplace.
Mantle adorned and flame.

The ticking of so much time
like forget. When the days were
gray, and the sun lay buried, pulsing
amidst soil, you were there. You were

the pages scattered and
windswept upon spiral stairs, and
you were there. I forgot to close
the latch on the door when

I followed you inside, smelling
the hickory in your walls – home
where decades could pass like
reflections dancing in mirrors.


Artist’s Inspiration

The poem that I have written is inspired by the song “Time” from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. It’s an album that I have always been fascinated with, musically and thematically. I have always thought that music can be one of the most intense art forms. Music can be filled with such emotion. It’s pure feeling. I can listen to a piece of music and get put into moods or have a strong emotional reaction, and this song in particular has always been able to do that. The song is about time, obviously, but I’ve always been drawn to the tone of the guitar in this. Book ended on either side by lyrics, the middle section always made me think of a life passing, of time passing. And those were the feelings that I tried to channel into my poem while writing and listening.

Robert Young was the Lead Poetry Editor for the 2015 edition of The Broken Plate. His work has been published in The Broken Plate and The Odyssey. He is currently enrolled in the Master’s program in creative writing at Ball State University.

This work was published as one of the winners of our 2015 “New Perspectives” Contest.