Through the frosted windowpane

I see the cattle in the rain

Dull grey clouds and dark green grass

See it, smell it, before it’s past

But breath clouds up the windowpane

The cattle fog, no grass remains

The moment’s past, the vision blurred

The clouds and rain no longer heard


Jane Mandley is a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University studying Literature and minoring in Creative Writing.  She names Emily Dickinson and Jane Austen as her inspirations to writing poetry and prose respectively.  Having won poetry contests while in high school and self-publishing a juvenile novella, For the Jane Bennets, she aspires to grow into the title of a novelist and enjoy the companionship of her life-long love of writing.

Artist’s Statement:

I feel as if I have always been writing poetry.  “Through the Frosted Windowpane” was actually written in the early spring on 2011, just over three years ago.  While a large portion of my poetry through adolescence grew more emotionally driven, my first love has always been depicting a scene in nature, especially in rhyme.  The first two lines of this short piece in particular came to me as I watched my family’s cattle through the window of our barn door.  And once I put the pen to paper, the rest flowed out of me.  Though short and sweet in nature, it is a simple piece of poetry that I enjoyed bringing to life.

This work was published as one of the runners-up in our 2014 “Ways of Seeing” Contest.