Darkness fading
Shadows shaking
Prospects breaking
All the hating
We are one and the same
Colors, races, and names
At least that’s what you see
I see blindly people’s personality
Maybe it’s because I’m blind it comes naturally
Me being blind do I possess this thing we call hatred
Yes most likely
Can you try to understand our emotional complex, probably
If you would close your eyes and open your mind
Will you take a chance and see what you would find
I promise you it’s not dark
I promise I won’t bite
Cold is not my heat
No not like a frigid winter’s night,
But warm like a hot spring
Inviting and enticing like a Thanksgiving bell as it rings
Calling all who play
Together for just this little bit of the day,
As your night fades to black and as mine stays the same
I say we are not different, no we are one in the same.
Black or white
You say wrong or right,
I know not a thing as color
What I know is sister or brother,
I understand everything isn’t happiness and rainbows
I grasp the concept knowing that’s how the game goes.

Love Poem

Happily ever after
Like a good book I just want to read faster,
Who wrote this romance I would like to know
For three years I never let my feelings grow,
For all this time
I have kept my feelings hidden inside my mind,
Suddenly emotionally I feel high
Like your love has made me feel above the sky,
I had to grow up fast
Somehow with you I’d like to share my melancholy past,
I can’t quite find the words to explain how I feel about you
The feelings my body goes through,
When my arms are around you I feel like falling asleep
A touch of your skin puts me in a dream,
I feel like you’re my air when I can’t breathe
You’re my words when I can’t speak,
I don’t want to just be your boyfriend
I want to be the one who is there until the very end,
when you cry
I need to be the one who kisses your sad eyes,
I want to stop your heart from breaking
So here’s my hand if you’ll take it,
Dreams of you by my side
And sweet kisses at sunrise,
I think about you constantly
So much so it surprises me,
I used to be sick of love songs
Now in my head I sing your name and to me that song could never sound wrong,
I want to know what makes you cry
So I could be the one to bring out your smile,
Every minute of every hour
I miss my sweet and gentle flower,
Mi amor
Be mine forever

Angel Luis Ayala is a student at Overbrook School for the Blind. Blind since birth, Ayala has a passion for mathematics and poetry.