By Roselyn Perez

I awake to darkness
that has swallowed the world—discovered
how much Voids weigh
I push the heaviness off my chest
Like throwing off blankets made of lead
But, Nothing settles on my shoulders
Immense as the wide sky

It laps at us, until our color fades.
Swallowed your face before our eyes could meet.
Let shadows wrap around me
If you are counted among them
Draw the smothering cloak tighter
If its fabric will reveal you to me.

I’m drowning in darkness,
I snort it out of my nostrils
Grope for the vague silhouette of you
Touch the lead blankets,
Pull them over my head
And, dream of darkness.


Roselyn Perez is the fifth of six children, all girls.  She resides in
Southern California with her St. Bernard, Beethoven, and has a BA in
English with an emphasis on creative writing from California State
University Northridge.  Her poems and short narratives have been
featured in Eclipse, Literary Journal, vision through words, Review on
Disability international, Chaparral,, Jersey Devil
Press, Tulip Tree’s Anthology: My Favorite Apocalypse, and Visual
Adjective’s Anthology: Castor, Castle and Creature.