By Roselyn Perez

Defying gravity
pigs can fly,
if only for a moment
on circling winds of sound.

Like dandelion fluff
girls can sweep across dimensions
Causing civil unrest wherever they land
The road home is made up of dead bodies
where scarecrows dance, lions prance, and wizards lie

She is armed with killer shoes,
Beating out her battle cry
the confidence good cannot die
and her little dog too
              She is armed with a book of her deeds:
the wicked, the good
              grief, black as a munchkin’s sweet tooth,
and skin thick, iching for the fight.

Silver and green shall meet, and one will die
In a land where; monkeys fly, tin men cry, and wizards lie.
She conquers the crows, the wolves
              She is baptized
The veil is lifted
A disappointing sight, but
she can find her way back with a click, a wish, a sigh
from a land where
wizards lie, and the woods still are filled with lions, tigers, and bears oh my.


Roselyn Perez is the fifth of six children, all girls.  She resides in
Southern California with her St. Bernard, Beethoven, and has a BA in
English with an emphasis on creative writing from California State
University Northridge.  Her poems and short narratives have been
featured in Eclipse, Literary Journal, vision through words, Review on
Disability international, Chaparral,, Jersey Devil
Press, Tulip Tree’s Anthology: My Favorite Apocalypse, and Visual
Adjective’s Anthology: Castor, Castle and Creature.