“Language gives a fuller image, which is all the better for being vague.
After all, the true seeing is within…”

So writes George Eliot in her classic novel Middlemarch. As a platform for blind writers and artists, the Exceptions community has an interest in what “true seeing” actually means, and how we depict it in writing, art, and multimedia. In the arts, loss of sight or atypical ways of seeing can serve as symbols for inner conflict; at other times, they afford characters a unique and sometimes superior perspective. This is what allows the synesthetic protagonist of Wendy Mass’s novel A Mango-Shaped Space to say: “All those people in their black-and-white worlds—they have no idea what they’re missing.”

For our Spring 2014 “Ways of Seeing” contest, we at Exceptions Journal urge you to show us what we’ve been missing. Give us stories and art that change the way we see ourselves and each other. Change how we see seeing. All submissions should have at their core the theme of sight or blindness, whether literal or metaphorical. Three winners will be published in our 2014 print issue and will receive a complimentary copy. Runners-up will be featured online.

For this contest, we are accepting submissions in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and other media, from both sighted and unsighted contributors. Anyone can submit, and all points of view are encouraged. Please follow our regular submission guidelines, which can be found here. Be sure to indicate in your email that you are submitting to the Spring 2014 Contest.

The deadline for submissions is 3pm on February 28, 2014. We look forward to hearing from you.